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January 2015

What is that orange fuzzy creature oh its an Orangutan!

sunny 30 °C

We are now in Indonesia. When we first arived in Medan I though Medan was the crazyest city i have ever saw it had 5 million peple and the traffic was crazy it took us 3 hours to get across it. After our half hour flight from Penang. It was noon but we had a 5 hour drive to Bukit Lawang. When we finaly got here we still had to walk through the village to get to our hotel. Our bed has a mosquito net. I don't really like it because i get tangled up in it like a fly in a spiders web. Our balcony also has a hammok and now there is constant combat with Neve over it.

Bukit Lawang is a peacful little village beside the river and is the best place in the world to see wild orangutans. The next day we had to get up at 7 30 in the morning and by 8 30 we were ready to go on our tour to see the orangutans. We crossed the river in a raft and sure enough we saw an orangutan within the first half hour. Then it was orangutan feeding time but only 1 orangutan and fifty long tailed mekaks (another kind of monkey). We also saw baboons, tomas leaf monkeys and lots and lots of termites but we had to be careful because the trail was a clay path and was extremely slippery. We hiked with our guide Kembar for 3 more hours and saw 5 more orangutans.

There are only 7000 orangutans left in the wild and we saw 6 of them. It is like that because peple take them as pets and tney have lost too much habitat to palm oil plantaitions so check your food and don't buy it if it contains palm oil. Orangutans have 96.4 percent human genes.the other 3.6 percent must be the genes for swinging around and eating ants.


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The Sleeper Train

sunny 31 °C

By James: we got on the train at 10 at night we had second class beds at the back of the train. We were on the train for 8 and a half hours so we didint have much stuff and it was quite late so we slept and only woke to the jerk when the train stopped at a staition we got off at 5 in the morning but we still had to catch a ferry to Georgetown and i didint now what to do i was so bored intil i noticed these white dots in the water and then noticed that they wre not white dots they were jelly fish and not only jellyfish they were box jellyfish the most venenymos kind of jelly fish in the world one sting is enouf to kill 10 adults and i spent the rest of my time counting them for this blog and i counted 40 that is a lot of jellyfish for such a small area.

When we finaly got to the other side it was 7 in the morning and we still had to find our hotel or gest house by the time we found it and trust me it wasint easy it ws 8 in the morning. We went to our room and slept for an hour then got up for brecfast and it was dilicius! they had lokal sweets and i dont now why but they also had noodles and seafood. After that we went to the escape park. A big park just like galaxy land exept replace the rides with ziplines and trapezes and then put it outside. There was a discovery dig, a toob ride, underground mazes, a trampoline and best of all lots of ziplines.

By Arin: our second stop in Malaysia is the UNESCO city of Georgetown. It is yet another site of British colonisation and hopefully our last for awhile, i feel as though our trip has been a been a tour of the history of colonialism in the South Pacific! Anyhow, the people are lovely, they fawn over the kids, and its so easy because most speak English. Penang (the larger city encompassi g Georgetown) has been super hot and spicy...We have enjoyed the variety of delicious and affordable meals, we've had indian, chinese and malay foods so far and the only time it came to more than $10 for all of us was when we had pizza. In general we are happy with Malaysian prices - compared to New Zealand and Ausralia it seems cheap! We could not have afforded a place like Escape there, but here it was about $25 each for the whole day on all of the challenges!The old city is a bit crazy with traffic and erratic sidewalks but exciting to try and navigate. Temples are on every corner along with hawker food stands. Weve now visited a hindu and a buddist temple and are looking forward to a mosque. They are so very grand and interesting and have sparked great conversations with the kids about world religions. All in all a good introduction to asia.
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The Monkey Blog - by Neve

I went to Batu Caves. I saw lots of monkeys. They were stealing water bottles from people. The monkeys were eating garbage too which was sad.


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Malaysia -by James

30 °C

We are now in Malaysia! When we first arrived here it was nine o clock at night and we stil had to go through 3 very long lines and when we finally got through them we had to wait in line for a taxi but by the time we got to the front of the line they had no more taxis so we had to go to the other end of the airport to get a metered taxi it was 11 and finally we had got here at the sahabat guest house (sahabat means friend in malaiseon) . On our first day we went to the bird park. it is the largest outdoors aivery in the world we also went to the KL tower and the market.

On our second day we went to batu caves. There were monkeys , prayer stations and best of all swarms of pigeons that i could have chased but my mom is very stubborn about that kind of stuff. Tonight we are going to penang on the sleeper train. It is going to be very very fun. The food here is 7/10 and most of it is sea food. But we finally have got away from the beaches and thats a realef i dont have to worry about sharks and jellifish.

Malaysia is very exciting but very different. The food is different, the traffic is different i can walk in the middle of the street without getting hit and the streets are sorted by kind of business. All the massage places are together so when you are walking down the street all the addvertisers are saying massage massage massage massage and it gets really anoiing trust me.


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The Carnival

sunny 30 °C

For my sisters' birthday we went to the carnival. There were rides of all kinds there were go carts, spiners and there was even one of those things that you sit down in the seat and then it sarts and you spin round and round. My favorite ride was the go carts because you could bash and bang as much as you like and go on so many times the one thimg that stoped me was a soar back. After that the next day we had a bit of trouble because Neve was refusing to do her shcool work so me and mommy went to the beach alone so we spent the the next 3 hours playing in the water and catching crabs.

Mommy's note: We get asked all the time why we chose to spend most of our time in Australia in Jervis Bay. Understand that this is where Australians come on holiday because of the beautiful, safe and abundant beaches, great weather, and lots of things for tourists to do like a permanent carnival set up in the school field all summer! There are three National Parks in the area to explore and daily cruises of the bay to watch the dolphins. We've caught up on some school work (Neve eventually did her work) and have enjoyed watching kangaroos and all the parrots. Soon we are off to the Blue Mountains and then to Kuala Lampur where I'm sure travelling won't be this easy!


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