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September 2014

insects golore.

sunny 23 °C

Yesterday we were walking around town when my sister spotted a huge grasshopper, it was as big as my dad's foot. When we got home we looked it up and it turned out to be a female giant coconut grasshopper. The largest grasshopper in the world . They are not dangerous but they can give you a painful skrach. They are endemic to New Caledonia. The females are green and the males are brown.

Noumea is great we get treats every day my favorite treat is a sugar crepe. it has the delicious combination of sugar butter and heat.

My parents make us walk every where every day I hate it!!! My parents make me walk to the top of the mountain to the aquarium to the beach they wont even get a rental car! I eat a baguette every day . I get up at 4 in the morning because of the blabber mouth birds.

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From Neve

I have already done 30 pages of school work! Love Neve

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Nouvelle Caledonie

28 °C

We left Honolulu airport at midnight and arrived in Auckland the next morning but a day later. We had a short stop over and were on our way to New Caledonia! Amazingly we had no jet lag because of sleeping on the plane.

After a few miss starts - showing up at the aquarium the day it closed; visiting the museum twice and being denied both times, once for the day it closed and the other for a stat holiday - we feel as those we've finally got this place figured out. Our apartment is very central and we've walked to most of the tourist sites and have been down to the beach each day. We've scoped out the grocery stores and the one with the freshest baguette and the cheapest wine (the only things that are affordable at the store!). We've taken one tour of an island and are busy planning a week camping at the Ile des Pins.

Observations so far:
- It is very expensive here and yet not very touristy. Lots of the people work for the nickel indstry and are well-off. The native Kanak population are the exception to that generalisation. We have noticed much fewer homeless people than in Hawaii.
- the biodiversity is amazing!!!! Thousands of fish, birds and plants that are endemic to the island. We got a great look at the Kagu, a large flightless bird that only lives here, which was on my bucket list. At the beach you are tripping over colorful coral and fish. A lot of the reef surrounding the island has been put into marine reserves and they have set up underwater interpretive snorkel "trails" to keep people from damaging it.
- I appreciate the french architecture, lots of flourish in the simplest of buildings.

Now we are just going to stay home a bit, get the kids caught up on their work and practising their french. They are very shy about using it and the people in the shops tend to switch to English when we try. We are letting them watch unlimited french TV to help.

One more week to go before we are off exploring less developed parts of the island and we'll likely need all of our french skills.

Here are a few photos of our experiences so far...

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Banded Kraits

24 °C

Yesterday we went to Amedee island.

We had to take a boat because the island is 22 miles from shore. The island has a huge light house it was built in the 1800s I think. Half of the island is sheltered by a reef and half is not.

I saw 28 sea snakes they were the most venomous sea snakes. They come on land to sleep but they are not aggressive. One of them swam right past me it was an inch away from Neve! At low tide the top of the reef was exposed and I found 4 cone shells. I also saw a lot of hermit crabs. We rented a boogie board because the water was freezing. We had a huge lunch buffet i had half a plate of main course and 3 plates of dessert it was awesome and after lunch a few dancers came on stage. I loved Amedee island!!! The sea snakes only liked our side of the island because it was sheltered .

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The aquarium.

By James

Yesterday we went to the aquarium and it was very fun. We saw a lot of fish we saw two fish that were especially cute. We also saw one of the worlds most venomous fish the stone fish. It is dangerous because it looks like a bit of coral but if you step on it the stone fish will enjet a toxin that will kill you if you cannot get to the hospital within 30 minutes. We also saw two sharks they were hardly egressive. We also saw the world's most venomous sea snake but nobody has been bit for a long time. We saw a lot of mud skippers (in case you do not now mud skippers evolved into lizards). New Caledonia has one of the worlds largest lagoons and a really large portion of all the worlds reefs.

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